A multilingual woman-owned home healthcare agency


Caring for yourself or a loved one can be mentally draining and physically tiring—Euro Homecare, LLC is committed to providing you or your loved one with the personal level of care, friendship, attention and compassion. Our home healthcare agency provides many benefits, including:

  1. Leadership from a woman-owned, multilingual home care service organization that assists you or your loved one(s) in the pleasant and safe surroundings that they love… their own home …under the most affordable, attentive care available…
  2. Making our clients lives as purposeful as possible — leading to a better quality of life…
  3. Addressing each client and their family’s individual’s needs by delivering customized care — first prioritizing the appropriate care, which often features friendship, companionship and mental stimulation…
  4. Ensuring peace-of-mind for our clients’ loved ones…
  5. In addition to English, our caregivers offer English, Polish, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Georgian, among others.
  6. Reducing the loss of: independence and freedom, friends, possessions, energy, etc.

Simply stated, Euro Home Care continually provides care and relationships that “touch” and “inspire.” Attentiveness, respect, love & stability are our core values.

How did Euro Home Care in home companion assistance begin?

Nearly three decades ago our founder, Elizabeth Sastri, began her career as a nurse’s aid at a convalescent home in New Britain, CT. There, the population of patients was primarily immigrants from Poland. Elizabeth recalls, “My ability to speak a foreign language (Polish) was a benefit for those clients in need of a multilingual caregiver. Unlike any other caregiver on our staff, it was an incredible advantage for me to communicate with those patients who had never learned English.”

Elizabeth adds, “With the growing number of non-English speaking patients who required Polish, Russian or Italian assistance, it became increasingly more difficult to assist every nationality. As the need for being multilingual increased, it prompted me to create a business plan to accommodate that market niche. I ventured out on my own, developed a way to deliver home care at the next level … thus, Euro Homecare, LLC—a home caring company with a European touch was born.

Now entering its third decade—our Euro Homecare team provides a better quality of life for the elderly, disabled, mentally challenged, Alzheimer, chronically ill patients and more. Our main focus is to help elderly and home bound with their daily routines, such as meal planning and preparation, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, laundry, shopping, running errands. Most importantly, we offer you or your loved ones and their families choices. Whether it be live-in or hourly non-medical care, we offer YOU the most affordable, dependable and reliable care for your loved one. And specifically, you, your loved one or both, gets to choose which caregiver they’re most comfortable with.

Whether you are looking for basic life-assistance, a full time caregiver, or part-time home care, we can help you find the home care that best suits your needs. Anyone young or mature requiring daily assistance, companionship or Alzheimer’s care and support will find that their quality of life is better maintained by remaining at home in a familiar environment with a Euro Home Care professional as their caregiver. A loving and caring environment for your loved one is always available through Euro Homecare. Nothing is impossible. We understand your challenges and welcome your call for assistance.

The benefits of choosing Euro Home Care assistance

Allowing your loved one to stay in his or her home is so rewarding for them and for you. Our caregivers provide the ultimate in home health care in an environment they love.

There are many benefits to receiving Euro Homecare services right in your home: peace of mind, comfort, and the convenience of knowing your loved ones are in a familiar surrounding … and under excellent supervision.

In order to meet the needs of all parties involved, we create a customized and coordinated plan of care that addresses the needs identified in your assessment. We consult with the client, family members, and medical professionals (when appropriate) to achieve agreement and finalization on the most comprehensive plan of care to address the needs specified. Adjustments to the plan can be made at any time—by close monitoring and communication with all parties involved.

Everyday, our clients remind us that Euro Homecare is their trustworthy solution for assisted in home living. Ultimately, our caregivers are there to provide YOUR loved ones with companionship and a better quality of life. We treat your loved ones as if they were our own family. Our unique delivery of care breathes life into the daily events that define our client’s day, and our organization—moments of motivation, inspiration, joy, compassion and perseverance.

About the Euro Home Care group of caregivers

In order to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and safety, our background checks always include rigorous investigation. We carefully select our caregivers utilizing intense methodologies which include one-on-one interviews. We carefully review any/all their references—local, state and national.

Each of our professionals is trained to follow a care plan that meets each clients’ physical, financial needs and requirements. Weekly supervision of clients helps us get to know each individual and his or her family personally, because we know how important your family is to you. Our caregivers are trained to help their patient remain active in their surroundings. It is all about the comfort of your loved one. We know that each individual is different and each requires a unique type of care; that is why we thoroughly evaluate every case to make sure we find the right match for your loved one. A loving and caring environment is what we consider the best possible care for your loved one and it always will be a priority for our caregivers and Euro Homecare. Euro Homecare is insured and bonded.

Euro Homecare is an active member of The Connecticut Association for Home and Hospice, The Greater Southington, Plainville and Milford Chambers of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.

Euro Homecare supports the following organizations:

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