About Euro Homecare

Euro Homecare was established in 2003. Elizabeth began her career as a nurse’s aid at a convalescent home in New Britain, CT. There, the population of patients was primarily immigrants from Poland. Elizabeth recalls, “My ability to speak a foreign language (Polish) was a benefit for those clients in need of a multilingual caregiver. Unlike any other caregiver on our staff, it was an incredible advantage for me to communicate with those patients who had never learned English.

Elizabeth adds, “With the growing number of non-English speaking patients who required Polish, Russian or Italian assistance, it became increasingly more difficult to assist every nationality. As the need for being multilingual increased, it prompted me to create a business plan to accommodate that market niche. I ventured out on my own, developed a way to deliver home assistance at the next level … thus, Euro Homecare, LLC—a home assistance company with a European touch was born.

Euro Homecare is a family based business with son Daniel serving as the company technology resource, and daughter-in-law Anna, the office administrator.

Euro Homecare strives to provide a better quality of life for elderly and disabled individuals. The focus is to help elderly and home bound with their daily routines, such as meal planning and preparation, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, laundry, shopping, running errands. Most importantly, we offer you or your loved ones and their families choices.

Whether you are looking for basic life-assistance, a full time caregiver or part time home assistance, we can help you find the home assistance that best suits your needs. We carefully select our caregivers through background checks, which include one-on-one interviews. We carefully review any/all their references—local, state and national. Euro Homecare strives to provide your loved ones with a loving and caring environment. Nothing is impossible. We understand your challenges and welcome your call for assistance.

Our professionals follow an assistance plan that meets each client’s physical, financial needs and requirements. Weekly supervision of clients and caregivers  helps us get to know each individual and his or her family personally, because we know how important your family is to you. We do a free comprehensive evaluation to match your loved one with a caregiver who can meet their unique needs. At Euro Homecare we understand that personality is key to a successful relationship with the caregiver. A loving and caring environment is what we consider the first priority for our caregivers and Euro Homecare.